Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Thursday, 24 October 2013 18:35

In my travels hither and thither, I take pictures of my journey usually focusing on land and seascapes, creatures of all kinds, and I didn't realize it until recently, but also my feet. They comment on the context of outing: the season, the walking, the landscape. Here are a few I recently unburied from folders...

Nascar Feet


Tail-gatin', Nascar Feet, Richmond, VA September 2014


Copan Feet

Dirty and tired feet. Holding up a body stricken with Montezuma's Revenge. Homesick feet. Copan, Honduras. July 2006.

Mexican Dinner Feet

Mexican dinner in San Pedro Sula, Honduras - feet. July 2006.

Garlic Feet

Planting heirloom garlic in the high tunnel feet. November 4, 2011.

Christmas Feet

New Christmas boots feet. December 2009. Chester, VA.

Haleakala Feet

Happy and sandy, girls' Maui trip, volcano-treading feet. Double trouble. Haleakala, Maui. March 2010.

Tunnel Feet

Hardworking High Tunnel Feet. One of my billions of trips to and fro the high tunnel. September 2010.

First Muse Last Harvest Snow with Kitties Feet

First Muse's last harvest, January 10, 2011. Snow with Maggie paw prints feet.

Caribbean Feet

Sunrise Caribbean Feet. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. February 2012.

Caribbean Feet 2

Gran Ventana Resort Sunset Feet. Relaxing Feet. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. February 2012.

Grass Feet

Overgrown grass, one-legged lady feet. A walk around the high tunnel. 8-27-2011.

Dome Feet

Dome-building feet. Excited feet. Akron, NY at Charley and Jean's Dome-Building Weekend (!). July 2013.

Eastern Shore Feet

Ice cream social + Eastern Shore tourist feet. Franktown, Virginia at Granny Jan's. September 2013.

Atlantic sand feet

Sand-in-my-toes-Atlantic-Ocean-feet. Cape Charles, Virginia. September 2013.

Boat Feet

Boat on the Chesapeake Bay, finding-my-sea-legs-feet. Franktown, Virginia at Granny Jan's. September 2013.

Ricketts Glen Feet

Need new hiking boots + balancing act feet. Ricketts Glen, PA. October 2013.

TC Feet

SR Feet

Friends-around-a-campfire-feet. Ricketts Glen, PA. October 2013.


More to come as they are unearthed...